The present general conditions of rental accommodation have the objective of defining the renting of apartments managed by the LIVINPARIS Company.

I – Price of rental

Prices are expressed in euros inclusive of tax (TTC). They are calculated at the current rate of value added tax (VAT) applicable for services of rented accommodation.

II – Conditions of reservation and deposit

To make a reservation, a down payment of 50% of the total amount of rent is required. Payments may be made by bank transfer or by bank card (VISA / MASTERCARD / AMERICAN EXPRESS). In the case of failure of payment of this down payment, the LIVINPARIS Company will not be responsible for retaining the reservation of the apartment.

III – Payment of the remainder of the rental

The remainder of the price of rental (i.e., the price of the rent less the amount of the down payment) must be settled on the day of the transmission of the keys at the latest in the following manner:
either in cash in local currency (euros); or by
credit card (VISA/MASTERCARD/AMERICAN EXPRESS) with surcharge of 2%

IV – Deposit

Upon arrival (check-in) a deposit of 300€ (studios and junior suites) or 500€ (1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments) will be required as protection against possible damage during the stay in the apartment. This deposit will be repaid when the keys are handed back if the accommodation is rendered in good condition.
The deposit can be paid either:
by credit card authorization (VISA/MASTERCARD),
or in cash in euros (except for 1 night rentals when the credit card authorization is mandatory).

In the event that this is not the case the deposit will be returned within one month, less the cost of repairs to the rented accommodation. If the cost of repairing the damage were to be above the amount of the deposit, the tenant would be responsible for the difference.

V – Arrival and departure procedures

On the day of arrival LIVINPARIS will await your arrival in the rented apartment in order to have you sign the rental contract, hand you the keys and take the remainder of the rent and security deposit. Please contact our agent minimum 30min before arriving to the apartment at +33787782913.
Arrivals between 8 pm and 10 pmwill be charged at 30 euros.
Arrival (check-in) time is between 3 pm and 10pm.
Departure (check-out) is before 11 a.m.
A loss of key will be charged 100€. A loss of building door pass will be charged 100€.

VI – Cancellations

In case of cancellation of a reservation by a tenant, amounts already paid will not be reimbursed. The full balance is due in case of cancellation within 21 days before the arrival. In case of ‘no-show’, the tenant will be responsible for the entire price of the rental. No reimbursement will be entitled following an early departure.

VII – Inventory

A general inventory with a detailed description of the rental accommodation and its furniture will be carried out in conjunction with LIVINPARIS and the tenant at the time of arrival and departure. LIVINPARIS will give one copy to the tenant. If an inventory is not carried out at the time of departure, it will be presumed by LIVINPARIS that the accommodation was left in the state found by LIVINPARIS after departure.


LIVINPARIS will be responsible for the general cleaning of the apartment before and after the rental. LIVINPARIS will furnish sheets and towels. LIVINPARIS also proposes the following services: Daily cleaning. This service is subject to availability and will need to be requested by telephone, email or at the check in. The cost depends on the size of the apartment.

X –Tenant’s responsibilities

The tenant commits him/herself to:
use the accommodation as he/she would do so in his/her own home.
take the rented accommodation in the state it is found upon arrival, as in the description given on the website.
inform LIVINPARIS of any discrepancy or missing or damaged objects
not exceed the capacity of persons in the apartment
not practice any commercial activity, whether handcraft or professional
not stock furniture
not smoke in the accommodation
not throw in washbowls, toilets, baths, sinks objects that could block pipes or mains. If this happened, the tenant would be responsible for the cost of repairs.
inform LIVINPARIS immediately of any accident or incident, even if no damage is apparent
allow LIVINPARIS to enter the premises in order to carry out services indicated in point VIII above or to carry out any urgent work necessary for the maintenance of the rented accommodation.

The tenant will be responsible for any problem vis-à-vis neighbours. The tenant must use furnishings only for the usage for which they are meant and in the place they are found. It is forbidden to move furnishings or take them out of the accommodation. Any furniture or objects missing, broken or out of order, other than due to normal wear and tear must be replaced by the tenant. In the case of deterioration of wallpaper, curtains, carpets, rugs, blankets, mattresses, bedding, etc and/or the interior and exterior of the building, the tenant will be responsible for the cost of repairs or cleaning to be carried out.

XI – End of contract

The existing rental fully ceases at the date fixed in the rental contract, without further notice. If the tenant does not leave the accommodation at the end of the term of rent, whatever the cause may be, he/she must pay LIVINPARIS a daily indemnity equal to twice the daily rent and this until the complete liberation of the accommodation and return of the keys.

In the case of non-fulfilment of any obligation for any reason resulting from the rental contract and/or the present general conditions of renting, the tenant must immediately leave the rented accommodation. The LIVINPARIS Company will not be held responsible for any reimbursement.

XII – Liability of the LIVINPARIS Company/legal litigation

The responsibility of the LIVINPARIS Company cannot be held responsible in the case of theft or damage of personal belongings in rented apartments. If for any reason the owner of an apartment should cancel the renting of an apartment, LIVINPARIS is responsible to do all in its power to rehouse the tenant in equivalent accommodation at the same dates as those reserved. If this is found impossible, LIVINPARIS will return the full amount paid.

The applicable law of the hereby rental contract and general conditions is that of French law. In the case of litigation concerning fulfilment or interpretation of the rental contract or general conditions, the case will fall within the jurisdiction of court. If for any reason whatsoever any measure of the present general conditions of rental were to be judged illegal, void or inapplicable, it would not be considered part of the present conditions of rental and would not affect the validity or application of any of the other measures.